European High School

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The European High School of Brindisi is an Accredited European School, i.e. a school of a European Union Member State that has obtained the pedagogical accreditation from the Board of Governors of the European Schools.

The School, characterized by a strong Europeanist vocation, aims to provide a Multilanguage and multicultural education. The European School of Brindisi comprises two sections: the Italophone, with students whose mother tongue (or L1) is Italian, and the Anglophone, with L1 being English.

The European School of Brindisi encompasses two different school institutions, the primary cycle, from nursery to the third class of the secondary school, is established at the Istituto Comprensivo Centro di Brindisi, while the secondary Cycle is established at our Liceo.

The secondary cycle, lasting 4 years (from 4th through 7th class), is characterized by the possibility to personalize one’s curriculum. Already in the first biennium, called pre-orientation cycle, in addition to the block of compulsory subjects, a few optional subjects can be added (such as Latin, law, music, art, Information Technologies, L4); in the second biennium, or orientation cycle, students build their curricula based on their interests and inclinations, choosing many subjects and their desired level, and deciding on a few that will become subjects of the final examination.

The studies end with identical examinations in all European Schools, decreeing the obtainment of the European Baccalaureate or “BAC”.