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The European High School offers an intercultural and Multilanguage environment, with active and interdisciplinary didactics, where pupils develop competences in civic education, to become active and competent European Citizens and agents of solidarity. 

Hence, in line with the founding principles of the European Schools, also our school aims to:

  • give students confidence in their own cultural identity within a European and global perspective, as the bedrock for their development as European citizens;
  • promote co-operation, communication and concern for others within the school community and beyond;
  • develop high standards in their mother tongue and in foreign languages;
  • develop mathematical and scientific skills;
  • encourage creativity in music and the plastic arts and an appreciation for the European artistic heritage;
  • develop physical skills and instill in students an appreciation of the need for healthy living through participation in sporting and recreational activities;
  • cultivate students’ personal, social and academic development also in view of their future study and work choices;
  • Develop transversal competences and meta-cognitive strategies that enable students to process information, make decisions, carry out tasks, solve problems, learn to learn. (European Thesaurus of education systems 2006)